Call to action


An action plan to eliminate the lies and sin that has infected the Western Christian Church.


  • Pray that the truth about Biblical Judaism and current Judaism becomes widely known in the Western Christian Church.
  • Pray that the truth about Biblical Israel and current Israel becomes widely known in the Western Christian Church.
  • Pray that the truth about Biblical Jews and Modern Jews becomes widely known in the Western Christian Church.
  • Pray that a revival, exposing and correcting this sin, flows throughout the Western Christian Church.
  • Pray that those, in every nation, who are deceived by Orthodox Judaism come to see Jesus as the true Messiah, and then work to convert those who are still deceived by Judaism.
  • Pray that Israel will allow Christian Missionaries to openly spread the Gospel of Jesus throughout their nation.
  • Pray that the Gospel of Christ flows throughout the entire Middle East and that a spirit of peace and love encompass the people.
  • Pray that the leaders of the Western Christian Church, who are spreading these antichrist lies, become informed and repent or become silenced by truth.
  • Pray that God will soften the hearts of Western Christians so they will repent and accept the truth of who the Jews of the Bible were and who Jews are today.
  • Pray that Western Christians will refrain from their reverence pilgrimages to Israel and to what they call "holy lands."


  • Work to expose and eliminate the lies, regarding the Jews of the Bible, that are currently deceiving the Western Christian Church.
  • Stand up for truth when challenged and confronted by those who are embracing and spreading the lies regarding Israel and Judaism.
  • Teach the truth of how Israel is a nation who rejects Jesus and therefore rejects God.
  • Teach the truth that Israel is the only nation in world history that has ever been founded as a Jewish state around the Spirit of Antichrist  (1 John 2:221 John 4:32 John 7).
  • Teach the truth on how Judaism, by rejecting Jesus, is an antichrist religion and therefore a religion that rejects God.
  • Teach other Christians that Israel is not a nation Christians should reverence and hold in high respect (at least no more than any other Christ rejecting nation), but rather that it is a Jesus rejecting (antichrist) nation that we should pray for to receive the Gospel.

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