Wall Street Journal Ad

Wall Street Journal full page ad supporting Israel. May 2011

In May of 2011, numerous American Christian organizations joined together to place a full page "open letter" ad, supporting Israel, in the Wall Street Journal.

This is some of what was in that letter:

1) "We acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s God-ordained undivided Capital knowing that Israel’s sovereignty will protect the holy sites of all faiths....."

2) "We honor Israel as our greatest and most trusted friend and ally in the region...."

3) "We believe Israel's ancient prophets who warned of dire consequences to any nation who would divide your land. [see Joel 3:1-2]"

None of the above quoted statements, regarding Israel and Jerusalem, are accurate. Therefore none of them are true.

We will briefly address each one:

1)  The first, regarding Jerusalem as God's ordained capitol, is contrary to scripture and addressed on page 14 of this site.

This is small portion of page 14:

Galatians 4: 22-26 says:
"For it is written that Abraham had two sons, one by the bondwoman and one by the free woman. But the son by the bondwoman was born according to the flesh, and the son by the free woman through the promise. This is allegorically speaking, for these women are two covenants: one proceeding from Mount Sinai bearing children who are to be slaves; she is Hagar. Now this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present Jerusalem, for she is in slavery with her children. But the Jerusalem above is free; she is our mother."

Therefore, in Galatians, God's Word clearly states that earthly physical Jerusalem represents slavery, and spiritual Jerusalem is freedom and new life.

Moreover, they may have used the term "Holy Sites" as just a figure of speech, however, even if so it was a poor choice of words for Christian organizations to use, as there are no true "Holy Sites" in Christianity. Nowhere in God's word are Christians directed to consider, or call, any  inanimate physical object on this earth, Holy.

* 2)  The second, regarding Israel as a great ally is foolishness when analyzed logically.

Why do we call Israel a great ally?

1. Has Israel ever sent troops to fight in any war America has been involved in? Not that we know of.

2. Do we have military bases in Israel? No. (see footnote 2)

3. Do injured American servicemen get medical treatment in Israel? Not that we know of.

4. Does Israel give us financial support? Not that we know of but we send them a substantial amount.

5. Has Israel ever been caught spying on the United States. Yes.

6. Does Israel supply us with expensive high tech modern weapons? Not that we know of but we supply them.

7. Has Israel ever attacked us physically? Yes, the US Navy ship, USS Liberty in 1967.

That sure doesn't seem like the definition of a "great ally".

3)  The third, regarding the dire consequences to any nation who divides Israel, is an absolute absurdity, and anyone with even a limited knowledge of post Biblical history, and the Roman Empire, would know it is not even close to being true.

The Roman empire was ordained by God to destroy the Jewish Hasmonian dynasty, and then Jerusalem in A.D. 70 (just as Jesus prophesied), and the Roman empire lasted hundreds of years after they crushed and destroyed Israel and Jerusalem. So how could any knowledgeable Christian leader make a statement as absurd as what they commissioned to be printed in the Wall Street Journal?  Furthermore, Joel 3:1-2, is clearly a spiritual description (of Spiritual Israel) not a physical event. Do they really think God is going to physically gather every nation in the world and bring them to the area of Israel? Are these Christian leaders so blind, or spiritually immature, that they cannot discern something even as simple as that?

Therefore, this question must be asked; why would Bible believing Christian organizations sign on to such foolishness? Could it be that they are actually ignorant of the truth and are therefore leading the Western Christian Church in the doctrines of men rather than God's truth?

While Israel, and devout Orthodox Jews, formally "spit" on the name of Jesus, the Western Christian Church, drunk on the Sin of Christian Zionism, elevates them to a position of reverence.

Is it then any wonder we are no longer the Salt & Light of our nations, and therefore why the nations of the Western World are in the depraved spiritual condition we are in? It certainly appears to be.

Below is an edited copy of a letter sent to the leader of one of the Christian organizations who helped fund the Wall Street Journal ad.  All names have been removed so as to focus on the issues rather than the organization.

Edited and reprinted with permission.

May - 2011

Dear Mr. ######,

As a past member of your organization I felt great sadness as I read your letter, in the Wall Street Journal, regarding supporting Israel.

The influence of the American Christian Church is rapidly declining, and one of the prime reasons can be linked to our idol worship of the nation Israel; a nation who not only rejects the God of the Bible, Jesus, but also persecutes God's people, and Christians called Messianic Jews.

With your organization firmly entrenched in this deception, you, along with the rest of us, are going to fail. Christian persecution in America is already beginning (God's Word, the Bible is already being called a hate book) and unless the Christian Church in America repents from this deception very soon, it will become open and harsh.

One of us is wrong and needs to be silenced in truth, either I am speaking foolishness, or you and much of the American Christian Church are embracing and teaching lies. Therefore please read the following with prayer, and then either show me where I am wrong or start laying the foundation for a new direction for your organization. As I am sure you are aware, God's Word is very clear that teachers will be held accountable.

I will not be surprised if you do not respond back, or only give this a cursory reply, because as of today almost every pastor that has been confronted with the facts regarding this subject has run away from it. I have been called an anti-Semite, and worse, but not one person has pointed out any actual errors. Therefore my hope is that you will read this and then begin to help move the American Christian Church in the direction of repentance.

This question needs to be asked: Why does much the American Christian Church hold up Modern Israel, and Modern Jews, as a special nation and people of God?

My answer is that it comes from an erroneous concept that the Bible teaches it, and as such Christians are obligated to follow God's word. An entire book could be written regarding that error but these are some primary ones.

1st Misconception - "The Bible states that God will bless those who bless Israel."

Nowhere in the Bible can that be found. This concept comes from corrupting the verse where God said to Abram in Gen 12:3, "I will bless those who bless you and one who curses you I will curse...." but Abram was not an Israelite or even a Jew. Abram's grandson Jacob was where God began the name Israel, and God doesn't call anyone a Jew until near the end of the recorded Old Testament era. Moreover, if someone thinks this blessing automatically transfers to Abram's offspring, then it would also include his sons and daughters from Hagar, his other wife Keturah, along with his unnumbered concubines, not just his son Isaac.   (Note: This issue/topic is addressed in greater detail on page 12 of this web site)

2nd Misconception - "Jews are God's chosen people"

No place in God's word, the Bible, are Jews called God's chosen people; some Hebrews & Israelites were called God's chosen people but no one called a Jew. Abram, the Hebrew, was chosen by God, and some of his descendents were called a people chosen by God, but never anyone called a Jew; except the Messiah Jesus, and he was called a Jew by only one person in the entire Bible, the Samaritan woman, never by his own tongue (although He was called "The King of the Jews" by several people). Moreover, let's not forget that all of Abram's descendents were Hebrews not just those who, much later, were called Jews.

3rd Misconception - "Modern Judaism is a continuance of Biblical Judaism"

Modern Judaism is not even close to the Judaism of the Bible. All symbolic blood atonement sacrifices, that pointed to the coming Messiah, are gone as well as the physical aspects, the Arc of the Covenant, the Altar, Priests, etc. Moreover, the writings of men, the Talmud, is now considered equal to scripture. No person today practices the Judaism of the Bible and never will again. For God to reestablish the physical aspects of the old Jewish religion would require moving the Holy Spirit back prior to the Cross (actually Pentecost), and that is never going to happen. Old Testament Judaism is forever gone and what is called Judaism today is not even close to Biblical Judaism.

4th Misconception - "Modern Jews are direct descendents of Biblical Jews"

No person alive today can trace their genealogy back to Biblical Jews the way genealogies were traced in the Bible, and God intended it to be that way when He commanded us not keep genealogies. Most people today who call themselves Jews have a Ashkenazi ancestry derived from eastern Europe. They are no more the ancestors of Biblical Jews as anyone else alive today. See page 8

5th Questionable concept - "Israel is a great ally and therefore America needs to support them."

* Why do we call Israel a great ally?

1. Has Israel ever sent troops to fight in any war America has been involved in? Not that I know of.

2. Do we have military bases in Israel? No.

3. Do injured American servicemen get medical treatment in Israel? Not that I know of.

4. Does Israel give us financial support? Not that I know of but we send them a substantial amount.

5. Has Israel ever been caught spying on the United States. Yes.

6. Does Israel supply us with expensive high tech modern weapons? Not that I know of but we supply them.

That sure doesn't seem like the definition of a great ally to me. So I must ask;

Why do most American Christian churches consider modern Jews and modern Israel a special people and a special nation of God?

Why do so many American Christians act as if modern Jews are God's Royalty and as if modern Israel were an Idol to be worshiped?

Why do these Christians, and their churches, consider that to be an absolute established fact that no true Bible believing Christian would ever dare challenge let alone repent from embracing?

Why are we engaging in a form of Christian political correctness where scripture must be filtered through these false concepts?

The manifestation of this is that the American Christian Church will never regain the influence it once had in our society as long as this idol worship, and the spiritual distortions it breeds, continues.

As I am sure everyone is aware, a few days ago [as of the date this letter was written] Mr. Harold Camping became the ridicule of the world in his last day, end of the world prediction, however all Mr. Camping did was to place a date on the same foolishness that much of the American Christian Church currently embraces.

Holding Modern Israel up as a special nation of God is the foundation for the majority of Biblical distortions that has lead to what is called "the rapture" and "end times prophecy." This has created the defeatist escapist attitude currently permeating the American Christian Church.

Throughout America the Christian Church is sinning exactly the same way the ancient Hebrews and Israelites often did; we are following God's commandments and "doing right in the sight of the Lord" but we are also giving reverence to what is not of God; and are symbolically "burning incense on the high places." We make pilgrimages to Israel and act as if that area is sacred. Yes some go there just for historical purposes, but sadly many, if not most, do not. Many even carry back items from Israel and consider them special or even sacred. Oh by the way, there are no Holy Lands in Christianity.

Therefore the sin of idol worship is alive and thriving in much of the American Christian Church, and unfortunately your organization is helping to lead the charge.

May God open your eyes very soon.

Signed ######

1. The author of the letter above stated that the only reply received was a basic form letter type reply reiterating some of the same points they had placed in their Wall Street Journal ad. ........... Therefore the Christian organization this letter was sent to still continues to spread the Sin of Christian Zionism, as they hold up modern Israel, a nation who rejects Jesus and therefore rejects God (Luke 10:16), as if it were an anointed holy nation of God.

2. In 2017, the first American military base was reported to have been established in Israel. However most of the news organizations failed to report that what they were calling an American base was comprised of only a few dozen American military personnel. Moreover it was located within an existing Israeli military base and under the control of the Israeli military. Therefore, calling it an "American" military base, while operating under those conditions, is foolishness and exposes their lack of reporting credibility.

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