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Some people call it "Replacement Theology", but the Bible calls it "The New Covenant"
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"The New Covenant"
began at the cross!


The Book of Jeremiah conveys a coming new covenant where a remnant returns to live securely under the righteous rule of a Messiah (Jesus) (Jeremiah 31:33).

The people would then be God's people, living righteously obeying God from their heart, not under a fear of an external Law.

The New Covenant, prophesied by Jeremiah, became a reality through Christ's sacrificial death on the Cross and the inward renewing of our minds by the Holy Spirit. That was, and is, Fulfillment Theology.  As Jesus said, He did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it. (Matthew 5:17).

God's New Covenant is with those living in the Spirit not in the flesh.  (John 3:6John 6:63Romans 8:4Romans 8:5Romans 8:6Romans 8:9, and many more).

At the Cross, the death penalty of the Old Covenant Law ended for those in Christ, and a New Covenant began. The law of Old Testament Israel was fulfilled for believers, and Jesus the Christ became the head of the new covenant; Spiritual Israel. This is Fulfillment Theology (Matthew 5:17).

However, Fulfillment Theology, the new spiritual covenant of grace solely through Jesus, for all people including those who currently identify as Jews, is considered false teaching by far too many leaders and teachers in the Western Christian Church; they call it “Replacement Theology.”

They claim that Fulfilment Theology (again, what they call Replacement Theology), has infected the Church for over 1900 years.

How any Christian writer, pastor or teacher could make such a foolish statement defies logic. ​Of course it has been around for over 1900 years, and we should not even need to ask why because the Spiritual Church of Jesus Christ, the resurrected Messiah, began at the Cross, which was over 1900 years ago!  Therefore, it stands to reason that Fulfillment Theology (again, what they call Replacement Theology) has been around for over 1900 years.

In addition to the foregoing, what these people call “replacement theology” actually applies to their teaching.

Their teaching being that modern-day Israel, and modern Jews, are currently a special nation and people of God.  This teaching is what has gradually “replaced” and “infected” the Church, and it began almost two hundred years ago. The seeds for this falsehood eventually progressed into what we now call "End Time Prophecy or Dispensational Eschatology," which currently has modern day Israel and modern day Jews as one of its primary focal points.

Some claim that the seeds for this false teaching originated in the 1700's, however, even if that is correct it actually began in earnest in the early 1800’s with the book entitled The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty, written by a deceptive Catholic monk named Emmanuel Lacunza.  Emmanuel Lacunza wrote the book under the pseudo name of Juan Josafat Ben Ezra (supposedly a Jew who converted to Christianity), and it was eventually translated into English.

The basic concepts of this book laid the foundation for the reverence of modern Israel that we have today. History records the names of Edward Irving, John Nelson Darby, Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, D. L. Moody, and many others as the Christian leaders who first taught, then embellished and promoted, this new Israel - Jewish replacement theology. This has also led to the creation of the insidious false teachings of what is commonly called "end time prophecy"  or  "Dispensational Eschatology"(Acts 1:7).

Many people in the Western Christian Church promote this End Time Prophecy/Dispensational Eschatology, and the various false teachings within it.

Modern Rabbinism (Jeremiah 8:1-3)

What has been resurrected, and is now well entrenched in the Western Christian Church, is nothing more than a repackaged version of 1st century rabbinism.

1st century rabbinism is the belief that the Messiah was to re-establish the physical nation of King David with the Jews being God's chosen supreme race in the world.

That false teaching is what led the rabbi's and Pharisees to demand the crucifixion of the world's Messiah, Jesus.

Moreover, for the modern nation of Israel and modern Jews to be considered a special nation and a chosen people of God, one must ignore the following truths:

1) That not one group alive today, whether or not they call themselves Jews, can trace their lineage and genealogy (the way genealogies are traced in the Bible)  back 2,000 years to Old Testament Judaism. (See Page 7 & Page 8)

2) That not one group alive today is currently following the same religion that Old Testament Israel practiced, and that modern Judaism is not even close to being the same religion as what was called Judaism at the time of Christ. (See Page 9).

3) That the current State of Israel is by no means a religious state; but is primarily a secular state and, therefore, not at all like the Old Testament nation of Israel or Judah. (See Page 11)

4) That God completely destroyed the Old Testament Jewish Temple in A.D. 70, and to this day all of the physical components of Old Testament Judaism are still gone. There is no Temple, no alter, no Priests, no animal sacrifices or anything regarding the symbolic Blood Atonement sacrifices. God ended it and it will remain ended. And lest we forget, God also removed His Covenant with them, The Arc of the Covenant, over 600 years earlier when the 1st Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians.

5) That nowhere is there a physical holy object or land in Christianity. It appears that the only time anything is called holy in the New Testament is when the Spirit of God is in it. Jerusalem was still called the Holy City as long as the symbolic Temple still existed, but after A.D. 70, God removed it.

6) That Spiritual Israel (New Covenant / Fulfillment Theology), what some now call “replacement theology,” began over 1900 years ago, that is, the same time that the New Testament and the New Covenant began. Whereas the false teachings of dispensational eschatology, which initially revolved around Jews, and later expanded to include the current nation of Israel, began less than 200 (+ or -) years ago.

7) That after the Cross, the Bible clearly states that a Jew is an “inward thing” (a spiritual thing) and not an “outward thing” (a physical thing). This is clearly stated in Romans 2: 28-29. (also see page 8, Who are modern Jews?)

8) That present day Jerusalem is not a special city of God; it is just another city on the earth. However, Biblically and spiritually, physical Jerusalem represents slavery and in the Biblical/spiritual context should not be regarded as anything other than that. Galatians 4:22- 25 (also see page 14).

9) That the old covenant was a "Ministry of Death." 2 Corinthians 3: 6-7, says "....... servants of a new covenant, NOT OF THE LETTER, but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. But if the MINISTRY OF DEATH; in letters engraved on stones........."

10) That God did not promise that He will bless those who bless Israel. This statement, commonly heard in the Western Christian Church, is a perversion of what God actually promised.  Gen 12:3  (see page 12)

11) That God's word does not state that Jews are the Apple of His eye. (see page 16)

It is important to remember that Jesus never forced truth upon anyone; He only made it available for those willing to accept it.

Our hope is that those studying this web site will also be willing to accept truth, especially because much of what is taught today in the Western Christian Church about Biblical Israel, Biblical Jews, modern Israel and modern Jews is a lie.

Remember, Truth is free for the taking, and God never forces us to accept it.

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