If you have studied the facts presented on this web site you should now be aware that the Western Christian Church needs to correct much of what it is teaching, and this correction needs to begin immediately.

In the Bible many of God's warnings and blessings are conditional; this warning is also presented as conditional.

A persecution darkness has increasingly been coming upon the Western Christian Church; we are no longer the Salt & Light of our nations and for decades we have lost almost every battle in regards to conveying God's Christian standards in our societies and the world.

This has been progressively growing for many years and unless we repent and purge the sinful teachings from our pulpits, and therefore from the minds of our fellow Christian brothers and sisters, it will continue to intensify.

In the Bible, just prior to Judah's Babylonian captivity, and the subsequent destruction of Jerusalem, the King of Judea, with the approval of his servants, arrogantly ignored, then burned, God's warning message (Jeremiah 36:20-26). For years many of our Christian leaders have been doing the same by ignoring the warnings (page 24).

The warning signs (messages) have been coming to us for over 70 years, but most of our Christian leaders refuse to even discuss purging one of, if not the, biggest entrenched sins from the Church; the Israel - Jewish antichrist reverence/worship.

AND, let us not forget that we, as the Church, are called to be the salt and light, the preservation, the symbolic immune system, for not only ourselves but the entire earth (Matthew 5:13). But as the Church has increasingly embraced sin and therefore become less influential, our nations, the communities we live in, and the entire world have all progressively suffered the consequences. The more we see the world suffering the more we need to take a closer look at our Christian walk, our Christian influence, and what is compromising what God created to be the world's Salt & Light.

Yes, evil men and women have existed throughout history, but for many decades much of the Western World's leadership has fit the definition of evil princes; as spoken of in Ezekiel 22:27, ... "Her princes within her are like wolves tearing the prey, by shedding blood and destroying lives in order to get dishonest gain." ...  The Church should be the Salt & Light, for not only ourselves but the entire world, but our pulpit led sin has compromised, and therefore greatly reduced, much of our effectiveness.

An Analogy for the Church today:

If a traditionally strong Army had the best soldiers, the best equipment, and the best tactics manual, but at some point in time began to consistently lose almost every battle, anyone analyzing the problem would:     

1. Take a serious look at any changes that might have occurred. 

2. Question the guidance of the leadership. 

 Both of those points apply to the Western Christian Church today.

In Ephesians 6:13-17, the first piece of the armor of God is Truth, therefore when we embrace, teach, and preach lies we have compromised, or even eliminated, our effective armor. We therefore cannot effectively battle evil when our own defenses are compromised.

The Christian Church is called to be the Salt & light of our nation(s), and as we know there are Christian Churches across the face of our lands, so why is Jesus and Christian teachings increasingly being displaced, removed, banned, and even outlawed, in the nations where Christian influence once prevailed?

Some will say that this is just fulfilled prophecy because the Bible told us that it was going to happen. Some will agree with that, and some will dispute it, however, we all need to remember that, in the Bible, when God's people experienced judgment it came because of their own sin.


One key answer, and there are probably several others, is that far too many of our noted Christian leaders have been leading the Church into doctrinal  abominations, what Jesus called the doctrines and precepts of men, and in this area teach their followers to reverence sin instead of God's truth.

These leaders usually do a fine job, and often even an outstanding job, at conveying a salvation message and basic Christian principals to live by, however they also, often, ignore, distort or even corrupt much of God's deeper truth. As such they are sinning like the Kings, recorded in the Old Testament, who did right in the sight of the lord but still sinned by burning incense on the high places (King Jehoshaphat 1K 22:42-43 ,... King Jehoash 2K 12:2-3, .... & King Azariah 2K 15:34 who God struck with sickness). We are, therefore, also, symbolically burning incense on the high places when we openly revere, or even allow the reverence of, the spirit of antichrist in the Church.

Too many Christian leaders revere, and teach their followers to revere, modern Israel, and to a lesser degree, modern Jews & Judaism. As a Jewish nation, modern Judaism is the religion modern Israel was founded around (as its only truly accepted religion) and it defines the spirit of antichrist (1 John 2:22 and other verses). Therefore, we have taken the spirit of antichrist and turned it into an object of reverence. Like the Old Testament Kings we are doing right in the sight of the Lord but we are also, symbolically, burning incense on the high places. ...... And let's not forget that it was the religious leaders of the Biblical Jews, embracing the spirit of antichrist, who called for the death of Jesus.

The Western Christian Church, primarily since 1948, the year modern Israel was founded, has created a false Jewish identity, one that does not exist in God's Word, the Bible. As such, we have been teaching much of what is called God's Truth through an insidious blasphemous lie.

The Jewish era was a dark era of Biblical history and in regards to the Jews of that time, should not be considered anything other than that. It began approximately 600 years before Jesus; shortly after God divorced the Northern Kingdom of Israel (Jer 3:8) and then condemned the Southern kingdom of Judah to Babylonian & Persian captivity.

As recorded in the Bible, in the entire history of the world, that was the first time God called anyone a Jew. When the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem they destroyed the Temple, and God also removed the Arc of the Covenant. The conquered Israelites were descendants of Abraham, but God had now divorced them and when He did He also gave them the title of Jews. Therefore beginning at that time, the Israelites, who God now called Jews, ceased to be a covenant people of God.

All truth seeking Christians need to understand this; when God began to call the Israelites Jews He also removed the Arc of the Covenant. Therefore those who God called Jews were never a covenant people of God. 

During and after the Babylonian and Persian exile the Rabbis began to corrupt God's commandments and laws, and years later this is what Jesus was referring to when He said that the Jewish Rabbis were teaching the doctrines and precepts of men (Matthew 15: 7-9).

The corruption became so bad they eventually denied and then killed the world's Messiah, Jesus. They also claimed that Jesus was a product of fornication and therefore rejected the Holy Spirit as being His father. In Mark 3:29, God's Word tells us that "whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin."

Shortly thereafter, what God promised in Deuteronomy 6:15, came to pass, their traceable genealogy's ended and therefore, for all practical purposes they were "wiped off the face of the earth."  Those who call themselves Jews today have no more of a traceable connection to ancient Israel than does an Eskimo.

The Rabbis of today continue to both spread the spirit of antichrist (1 John 4:3 - and other verses) and blaspheme the Holy Spirit, in what is now called Judaism. Moreover, modern Judaism is not even close to what was called Judaism at the time of Christ. There is no longer a Temple, Priests, the Arc of the Covenant, the Holy of Holies, or anything regarding the blood atonement sacrifices. What Judaism is today is what God stated in Jer 8:1-3, and what He said would be as "dung on the face of the ground".

A huge lie is now entrenched in the Church. In far too many Christian Churches modern Israel is considered a special anointed nation of God, and modern Jews are God's special people. It is also not uncommon to see the ancient pagan symbol, of interlocking triangles, now called the Star of David, prominently displayed in the church ...……. and many Christians even wear it as Israel reverencing Jewelry.

Christian pastors and teachers regularly preach that we must stand up for Biblical truth but on this subject they often refuse to read or listen to what God's Word actually says; they therefore display a blatant level of hypocrisy. In the Western Christian Church today we now have a Jewish "Political Correctness" suppressing Gods Biblical truth.

And let's not forget that God tells us in 1 Thes 2:14-15, that Jews were the ones who killed Jesus and the prophets and they are (were) not pleasing to God but hostile to all men.

This sin is now an entrenched sin within the Western Christian Church and if it is not purged out soon, an intense persecution judgment is coming. ….. Those who are observant are aware that it has already begun. 

Therefore the question that needs to be answered is: Why would Christian leaders, who teach their followers to obey what God’s Word commands, that is, “to examine everything carefully,” not do the same when it comes to the subject of Jews and modern Israel? One answer is that they are still human and therefore also subject to “the evils of the flesh.” That being; stubbornness, pride, ignorance, resistance to change, and of course the fear of peer pressure from other Christian leaders.

Some people claim (and we believe it is correct) that the Bible says that Christians will experience persecution in various degrees (Matt 5:11-12). However, but what they fail to realize is, as with the Jews of the Bible, if or when it occurs, it can also be our own sin that brings much of it upon us. And let us not forget, that when Jesus said "If they (the world) persecuted me they will also persecute you" (John 15:20), it was actually the Jews who were persecuting Jesus, and Christians, at that time, not the gentiles.

Question for our Christian leaders:

Are you willing to now repent and teach God's Truth?

(James 3:1)

If a repentance does not come soon, God may need to do a major reset with the structure of the Western Christian Church, and even silence or remove some of the current, well known, leaders from his Church.

...........As of 2021 we may already be experiencing it...........

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