Ok, So What?


Have I become your enemy by telling you the truth? Galatians 4:16

What difference does it make who the Jews of the Bible were, or even who they are today?

That is a legitimate question and one that this site was established to answer.

For Christians (and Jews today), the truth about who Jews were in the Bible, and who Jews are today, are foundational truths and therefore much more important than many Christians realize.

If our foundational Biblical and historical truths are incorrect then what is built upon them will also become wrong, and as they continue to build the distortions can, and usually will, multiply. As a metaphor example, if a High-rise building, during construction, is off plumb even 1/16 of an inch per foot (the width of just the letter "o" on this page), at 50 stories it will have a 32-inch tilt at the top. 1/16 of an inch is not much in itself but as it grows the effect compounds greatly and if continued unabated there will come a point where that building will collapse. This metaphor also illustrates how the foundations for our spiritual beliefs must also remain correctly aligned or what we embrace as truth will eventually become a monstrous lie that will greatly distort God's Spiritual Truths.

The Western Christian Church, beginning in the early 1800s, with increasing intensity after the formation of modern Israel in 1948, has created and taught many lies regarding who the Jews of the Bible were, and who they are today. Many of these lies have become rooted in our beliefs, and accepted as fact, mostly through repetition and nothing more. Most of these lies have been taught, and spread, by honest well-meaning people who thought they were presenting God's Truth but were not. As Christians we can embrace either God's eternal Truth or man's false delusions of truth, or as Jesus called it "the doctrines and precepts of men." Moreover, we must always be ready to let go of or
adjust, our current beliefs if and when we get a clearer understanding of God's Truth.

When we embrace and teach lies, we embrace and teach sin, and the sin of reverencing the spirit of antichrist (spirit of antichrist - 2 John 1:7) has become rampant within the Western Christian church. (The spirit of antichrist has not only been welcomed into the Church but even given a position of respect and reverence. The modern nation of Israel is the only nation ever founded around modern Judaism - the religion that denies Jesus the Messiah as coming in the flesh.)

The last Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70, just as Jesus said it would in Mat 24:2, Mark 13:2, and Luke 19:44. The Jewish population at that time was either killed, enslaved, or scattered into Diaspora. With that event, the recorded/traceable Jewish genealogies ended. That should not surprise any Bible-believing person because God said, in scripture, as far back as the time of Moses, that it would happen. In Deuteronomy 6:15, God said He would "wipe" Israel "from the face of the earth" if they were unfaithful.

Anyone who knows the Bible also knows that the sons of Israel were repeatedly unfaithful from that time forward; and eventually became as unfaithful as any people could be when they rejected and then killed God's Messiah, Jesus. Therefore, in A.D. 70 (with their final end coming in A.D. 135), the Biblical, traceable, Jewish identity, for all practical purposes, was "wiped" from the face of the earth.

Therefore, the people who call themselves Jews of today have no more of a traceable connection to ancient Israel than any other person alive. A Jew today is not a traceable, unbroken direct descendant of Biblical Israel, and neither is any other human alive (this is addressed in more detail in other sections of this site: Page 7, Page 8 ).

Moreover, what is called Judaism today is not the same religion as Judaism at the time of Christ.

Spiritual lies need to be silenced in truth, and the foundation for many of these lies is rooted in the misconceptions that revolve around those who were called Jews in the Bible.

Jesus is Truth, and lies are of the Devil, therefore when we elevate, and/or embrace, any form of Jesus denying lies as truth (Israel & Orthodox Jews formally reject Jesus), we are embracing evil; the spirit of anti-Christ.

The Western Christian Church is sinning greatly by ignorantly embracing and teaching lies about Biblical Jews and modern Israel, and this is some of how it is being manifested:

1. Many Christians are now embracing and running to those who practice a form of modern Christian divination. We run to scores of "End Time Prophecy" teachers to tell us the future; a practice God specifically condemns (Lev 19:26, Deut 18:10).
Jesus warned us about this when He said "it is not for you to know times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority" (Acts 1:7). AND JESUS MEANT WHAT HE SAID!

These false concepts regarding modern Israel and modern Jews is/are often the chief cornerstone for many of the lies of this "end times prophecy," also called dispensationalism (Dispensationalism is end-time prophecy as it is dispensed over a period of time).

2. It has caused much of the Western Christian Church to embrace, as some have stated," a defeatist, escapist, attitude in regards to what is happening in the world around us. "

3. We reverence modern Israel; a nation that institutionally embraces an anti-Christ (anti-Jesus) spirit.

Christians need to understand that Modern Israel is a nation that:
  • Formally rejects the God of the Bible, Jesus
  • Persecutes God’s people, Messianic Jews (& Palestinian Christians).
  • Fights against God’s Kingdom to come (God's bride composed of believers; Christians).
  • Totally rejects and discards God’s New Covenant teachings; called the New Testament.
  • Practices the modern religion called Judaism where the doctrines and precepts of men, the Rabbinical teachings of the Talmud, are elevated above God’s written word. (The Talmud is not a single book it is a multi-volume set that contains many blasphemies, i.e. Jesus "practiced sorcery," and Mary, His mother, "played the harlot with carpenters," etc.)

4. Scriptural truth is now distorted by incorrectly interpreting what the name Jew actually meant in the Bible, and what the Jewish era actually was.

5. Modern Israel & modern Jews have become our "Golden Calf Idol" (Exo 32:2-4) so to speak, which we all too often reverence and hold up as an idol. For many years much of what we have heard, and been taught, about Israel and Jews in the Old Testament, New Testament, and especially Modern Jews and Modern Israel, is a misconception at best and at worst a deceptive lie. (Judges 10:13-14)

God's Church will continue to grow throughout the world. However, if this insidious sin (our reverence towards Jesus hating Israel) is not purged from the Western Christian Church, it may not apply to us.

We have allowed this sin to gradually become entrenched in the Church to the extent we are no longer the Salt and Light of our nations, and if this sin is not purged out soon, the religious freedom as we now know it may no longer exist.

The Bible shows us how God handles His people when they refuse to repent from their sinful actions. Because we have welcomed the spirit of antichrist into the Church and given it a position of respect and even worship, I see no way that the Western Christian Church can avoid being judged (unless you are oblivious to what is happening in America and the Western World today, you can not help but see what has been occurring.

Furthermore, we make pilgrimages to Israel and act as if it is sacred Holy land, even though there is no "Holy Lands" in Christianity. All this at the same time that Israel spits on the name of Jesus. In its 70+ years of existence, Israel has never allowed Christian missionaries to openly present the Gospel. However, Israel of course has no problem taking Christian's money just as long as we keep "our Jesus" to ourselves.

To our shame and disgrace, we even allow our name to reflect this antichrist apostasy; we now willingly accept the name Judeo-Christian, and some Christians even embrace it with pride. It is also not uncommon today to see Christians displaying, and even wearing, modern Jewish symbols such as the dual overlapping triangles called the Star of David.

Sadly, many of the most noted, and respected Christian leaders are the ones who are causing this sin to proliferate.

At the same time, modern Israel is repeating the Christ-rejecting sins of the ancient Pharisees. Therefore, by giving special credence to Israel, the Western Christian Church is joining with them in their sin. We are like fools repeating their folly and, as God's word says in Proverbs 26:11, like a dog returning to his vomit.

We now even have our own form of "Christian political correctness", wherein anything spoken negatively against Israel is immediately rejected or silenced (even when it is 100% provable to be true). From that, it has been said, "It is easy to determine what someone worships (or what controls them) when you find out what they will not allow you to criticize."

So what difference does it make? It makes all the difference in the world if the Western Christian Church, and the Western World we once knew, are to survive free from God's judgment.


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